usage of capillaroscopy in KD

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usage of capillaroscopy in KD

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As a way for early diagnosis of coronary involvement in kawasaki disease, we thought to use nailfold capillaroscopy as a noninvasive and repeatable diagnosis.
there is a question that whether capillaries of nailfold are involved in this vasculitis or not.
I'd be so grateful to have your ideas.

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Re: usage of capillaroscopy in KD

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Sounds like a great way to screen out diagnoses that are not autoimmune/rheumatic and therefore leave KD as a possibility and put it on a screening process where it would get more consideration. I would guess the issue would be that with all of the variations of KD (incomplete, complete, different areas of the body affected, etc.), there would be cases where the nailfold capillaroscopy would turn out negative but KD would still be the root cause.

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