CRPs values and Retreatment with IVIG

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CRPs values and Retreatment with IVIG

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Re: CRPs values and Retreatment with IVIG

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My son had the IVIG and did very well with it. He only needed one treatment, but the Doctor said he may need more than one. He was running a high fever of 102.0 and had a very bad rash and his gland on his neck was very swollen. He also could not pick his head up without it hurting. He also was throwing up and very irritable and I could not even talk to him or look at him. He was in so much pain when i would pick him up he would cry that I was hurting him. His hands and feet were very red. His eyes were like fire red. At first they thought he had mono because his liver enzemes were elevated. His tongue was red and swollen. He also had night sweats and from what I am reading on the post this seems to happen. He had the night sweats for almost a month. My son was 3 yrs old and 7 months when he got sick. I was so upset when I found out it could affect his heart. The first scan was good then he had 3 other heart scans done and he is fine.I would notice for about 2 yrs that he would get rashes for no reason and some fevers off and on. I have no idea is this was leading up to the Kawasaki's Disease. The Doctor my son had seems to believe it is a over load of viruses.


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Re: CRPs values and Retreatment with IVIG

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Hi Amy,
Ive been desperatly googling night sweats and kawasaki! Then i read your post! Coufd you please help out here?

My 2 year old son gets these night sweats and gets completely drenched! His hair are wet, the body suit needs changing and the pillow is wet too. Not damp, WET! It's been a month since his IVIG treatment.
Another thing that I have noticed is that he twitches alot at that time too. His eyelid, fingers, hand, arm, foot etc

Now I have spoken to doctors and they are not worried but then they were not worried when they were giving his mega doses of aspirin causing to build up to toxic levels. I'm afraid it might have something to do with the cardiac involvement, he has one anurysm measuring 5 mm and no clot.
At first the said it could be the aspirin but nowadays 2 weeks he has been on Plavix. Plus they tell me the sweating isn't related to KD either. He never had it before and if fine during the day.
Sometime he feels hot like he is running temperature but it's normal when I check.

Last night he broke out in sweat 3 time , the first two drenched everything again. The a/c was on and the room was quite cool. Please help me, I'm scared and can't sleep after these night sweats.

Both times I took his heart rate (85) and respiratory rate (23) while he was still asleep.
I'm keeping a diary to see if there is a pattern. The only thing I remember being common last 3 times is that he had a full bath( not body bath) before bedtime.

What was your experience like? Did you notice any pattern on days it occurred? did they just stop after a month?

Thanks :)

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Re: CRPs values and Retreatment with IVIG

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Im glad to hear something about night sweats my son is doing better but sweats isnt the word for it .. His pillow looks like he just had a shower and put his head down. He has had this since his treatment.. his echos have been fine. He is complaing of stomach issues and still gets tired easily . Each day is a challenge not knowing what is coming...
He was diagnosed in Aug 2011 see some improvement but he is still not all back to himself. I hada concern about the sweating too but havent heards much . Asked our Dr he said it didnt seem like a problem.

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Re: CRPs values and Retreatment with IVIG

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My two year old daughter is going through this now. I just posted our experience. She had sweats and wet cough right after 3 ivig treatments but it gradually went away. She has 8mm left artery. Initially did one oral plavix and one shot lovenox. Then stopped it and got a iv dose of Abxicimab. Dr's didn't want her on plavix rather lovenox. Worried about side effects from plavix. We had a Cardiologist, Hematologist decide this. I also had our Rheumotologist contact Dr Jane Burns in San Diego. The Cardiologist consulted Dr Jane Newberger in Boston. We are in Atlanta.

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