Aquired Mitochondria Myopathy???

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Aquired Mitochondria Myopathy???

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Aquired mitochondria myopahty;
A damaged energy cycle might be the cause of inflammation of the walls of the blood vessesl. But what could be interefering with the mitochondria of our cells.

Some times things come at you from a whole different angle than where you were looking.

How about chronic fatigue?

How about a virus that causes chronic fatigue?

Could this finally be some answers?

There are big gun researchers that thinks so?

Hope they are right! ... okchin.htm

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Re: Aquired Mitochondria Myopathy???

Post by ucdsurvivor »

As a person who has genetic mitochondria disorders along with urea cycle disorder I firmly believe that the mitochondria can be damaged by diseases, bacterial, virial or whatever. I am a member of multiple mito groups, CFIDS, urea cycle, and multiple diseases and disorders that I also have. All have one underlying factor. Chemically, they are tied back to the mito in the cells through a very few steps.

I am a patient of an international research doctor in the US. It was my case and a few others that led them to believe that UCDs were actually linked and also had mito syndromes, diseases and disorders and all the problems under the umbrella. As patients have lived long enough --me especially one of the oldest hopping up and down and saying it was so. But being told that emperical research must be completed to prove it. I said it did not mean anything to the patient --we were still ill.

I believe after being personally involved with a family friend with a child with kawasaki disease that there are long term implications that are appearing. These disorders, including encephalopathy I believe are founded by damage to the mitochondria when the body is attacked. Scientists already know that such things can happen hepatically. They are now understanding that original 41 or 42 genetic mito disorders children are born with are nothing compared to all the mutations they are now finding as a result of bacterial and viral infections that damage these vital areas of our body. Without energy the body dies quickly. I have been at that stage when my cells were not producing sufficient ATP to generate energy ---brain damage can begin quickly.

I truely recommend that any one with a child that has long term issues be sure and have metabolic checkups, liver panels run regularly. Have an endocrinologist periodically check the child. If the child does not have the right amino acid levels and certain vitamins it will weaken the system and make heart damage easier. I know because I have to watch constantly. Tests are taken monthly for me.

God bless all.

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