Pregnant with coronary artery aneurysms due to KD

Personal stories of individuals and families affected by Kawasaki disease
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Pregnant with coronary artery aneurysms due to KD

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HI! My name is Shawna, I'm 28 years old and was diagnosed with KD when I was 18 mos old. I was the second case of KD diagnosed at St.Louis Childrens Hospital. After being mis diagnosed for nearly one month, my parents transferred me to SLCH, after having a fever for 21 days! So, IVIG was too late, I had formed 3 aneurysms already.

I have been very fortunate, I have been asymptomatic, except for occasional tachycardic episodes. I now have 2 aneurysms, one "giant" located on my left coronary artery and one "large" located on my right coronary artery. I see a cardiologist at Barnes Jewish Hospital in St.Louis. Both of my aneurysms are calcified, which they are pleased with since they are least likely to rupture. I continue to take 81mg aspirin per day.

I'm pregnant with my first child! My husband and I talked with many specialists, to evaluate my risk during pregnancy.
I even emailed Dr.Akagi in Japan and he sent me case studies on women who have become pregnant after KD. There isn't much information, but the case studies I've read are great! I see a high risk OB/GYN practice and consult with my cardiologist throughout my pregnancy. They have started me on Lovenox injections everyday in addition to my aspirin. Now their concern is blood clots due to the extra blood volume during pregnancy. I will be a scheduled c-section since they don't want my heart to go through the stress of labor.

I wanted to write to share my story with all of you. I'm sure being a parent with a child with KD, you worry about their future. I have lived a wonderful life and hopefully will have a successful pregnancy. God Bless you all!!!

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Post by Momcat »

Thank you! Thank you!
This is something we have worried about for years with our daughter and her aneurysms. I have talked to one other woman that has had 2 children. She had aneurysms and eventually had a bypass. I am so encouraged to hear that all is well with you at 28 and that you are pregnant and are so positive! Lovenox is no picnic, but its about the only drug used that doesn't affect the baby I suppose. Please let us know when are due and how everything goes. It will be interesting to know how they monitor you through labor. I really appreciate that you have posted this! It is great that we are now hearing from more adults that had KD in childhood. It helps those of us with KD kids who wonder what the future might hold.

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Re: Pregnant with coronary artery aneurysms due to KD

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Wow this was posted as I was just entering college. I to had kawasaki's disease as a child (under5). I am now age 26 and am just now learning of the effects it has had on my body as of last week. so far I was diagnosised with a leaking tricuspid valve and I am scheduled to get a angiogram next week to check my arteries. I had my daughter two years ago a recived no cardiac care. Im am now terrified what this means for me and me having other children

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