KD or not?

Personal stories of individuals and families affected by Kawasaki disease
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KD or not?

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Hello all,

Im just going to jump right in... I am not sure if my son (7 years old) had/has a case of KD, he has a few of the symptoms but not all. It started about 2 weeks ago when he had a temp of 102.8, he didnt want to move or eat, just slept all day. I gave him a bit of Ibuprofen and he felt a little better, he was able to eat that night too. The next day, same thing, except his temp was not as high as the day before (101). The next few days he was feeling like himself again but his temp would stay around 100.8 for the next 5 days. He was feeling good enough to go to school but complaint of his leg hurting.
That weekend he had another temp of 102.1 and continued to say his leg is hurting. I thought maybe its just a bad cold and his muscles are hurting because of the fever. That night he was crying and called for me. When I asked what was wrong he said he had to use the restroom but couldn't move because his leg was hurting so bad. I had to carry him to the bathroom because he wouldn't put any weight on his legs. His temp was still at 102.1 that night. This time I started noticing both of his eyes were red. I gave him some more ibuprofen and he felt a bit better.
The next day I kept him home because he was not able to walk really good on his right leg, his temp went down but still above 100. I took him to the hospital and all they did was an xray to see if something was going on with his bones (fracture etc). Everything came back normal. I asked them about his eyes and they said it is probably just allergies.
That night his temp when up again to 102 and the complaining of his foot started. I decided I wanted to see the doctor again so I was able to get an appointment the very next day. The doctor checked him out and noticed his left ear was very red inside and he was shocked that he was not in pain (I didnt gave him any fever reducer either, I felt like maybe I should let the fever run its course). I asked my son does your ear hurt? He said no. Doctor said his fever is most likely related to the ear infection. he prescribed us antibx which we gave him the same day. The next day his temp went down but still stayed around 100.1. His leg didnt hurt as much anymore and he started to feel better.
No more fever and no more leg pain but this Monday I noticed his fingers starting to peel. It has been 3 days and it looks like the peeling is getting better.

Obviously like every mom I started googling and when I put all the symptoms in I get KD which I never heard of.

So my question basically is, could this be KD? He didnt have a really high fever like most cases of KD but he did have a temp of around 100.8 for a whole week. He also didnt break out in a rash. The things that concern me are the temp, his leg pain, red eyes and peeling of skin.

He is doing completely fine now so I am not sure if this could even be KD since most kids appear to be much sicker?

Thank you all so much in advance for reading my story!

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Re: KD or not?

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My son has been hospitalized for two weeks he is only six. I brought him in after 4 days of fevers and complaint of belly ache. He was initially diagnosed with appendicitis and had it removed the following day. During surgery the doc noticed his intestines were also inflamed which is not normal. We were in the hospital when other symptoms started. He started with red eyes then red lips. The fevers also persisted. After 24 hrs without a fever on the day we were going to be discharged the doctors decided there were too many unknowns and we stayed. After an EKG they noticed his arteries were abnormal and they diagnosed him with KD. He was treated with IVIG. He returned somewhat to his normal self and although I don’t know much about KD, as I still sit in the hospital with my son, I can tell you that there is not a case that is exactly like another. My sons symptoms came at different times and I still don’t know what others will come after treatment. I was lucky enough to have been transferred to a children’s hospital for the appendix removal and it was here that all the doctor calaborated and ran a multitude of test to finally diagnose my son. Be persistent in finding answers, I hope your son gets better and wish you luck in everything.

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Re: KD or not?

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Reading your story just reminded me of my son’s symptoms. My son is 16 months now. He started fever right before Christmas last year. He got rashes and dry cracked lips. He didn’t want to eat. He drank a lot of water due to his fever but he also threw up the water. We took him to his normal hospital, the first doctor suspected for strep and the test was negative. That doctor gave him Zofran to stop vomiting. The vomiting stopped but he still got all the other symptoms. Not eating and no energy. We brought him to ER. They gave him Tylenol right away. The ER doctor said it’s a tricky situation given that he is just a baby. The doctor said it’s our choice to go home or get IV treatment. We chose to give him IV plus a blood test. The doctor was not really concerned about the results, just mentioned we should do another blood test in a couple weeks because that blood test showed his red blood cells count was a little high. After his IV, we noticed he developed new rashes on his shoulder and fingers. The doctor also noticed the inflammation around his throat area and lots of bumps on the roof of his mouth. The doctor ruled out Hand Foot Mouth Disease and treated him for Croup. We went home that day. The next two days, he was not moving around and just wanted to be held and sleep. It was probably because he developed joint pain those two days and it was too painful for him to move. After we saw new symptoms of swelling hands, we brought him back to the hospital. Thank God the 3rd doctor finally suspected for KD and transferred us to Children’s Hospital ER right away. It was The New Year Day and we were admitted that day. He got IVIG that night. We were discharged on the 6th with dialation/aneurysms. He’s been on aspirin and Lovenox injection. We go back to Children’s Heart Clinic every week for Echo check. I quit my job to stay home take care of him and we don’t plan to send him back to daycare. We also don’t plan to take him to any crowd until the flu season is over. We have experienced the roller coaster mode and thank god that his results are going to the right direction.
Given all those related articles I have read about, plus my son’s symptoms, I feel like the answer is very likely to be KD. I’m glad your son is being his normal healthy himself, and I recommend you could still bring him to Children’s Heart Clinic for an Echo check. Some articles mentioned that those KD symptoms can go away even without treatments but it’s best to check and monitor the heart for the long run outcome.
Hope all the KD kids are going to get full recovery and hope the causes of KD are going to be uncovered very soon to stop KD happening.

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