16m Indian Girl Got KD in London

Personal stories of individuals and families affected by Kawasaki disease
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16m Indian Girl Got KD in London

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This is a story of our daughter. Her name means Warrior in Hindi. We moved into a freshly refurbished flat [new carpets] in London from Bangalore in Sep-15. We had to move to another home on 18-Aug-16, Friday. As we were shifting furniture, our 16M old daughter played all around the empty house on mostly clean carpets.

She had high fever on the same day. We went to NHS Accidents & Emergencies [A&E] next morning just to be sent back as the Doctor thought its a regular fever. The fever increased on Saturday and she got some rashes on her stomach and torso. A&E again sent us home [after waiting for 6 hours from 10PM-4AM] as they diagnosed this as chicken pox. Her conditions got worse on Sunday and she stopped responding to interactions, we went to A&E for the third time and they admitted her in Emergency at 8PM on Sunday.

Over the next 3 days, they ran a bunch of blood tests and kept monitoring her vitals with no luck. Her fever and weakness persisted with no signs of KD. On Wednesday, the doctor started the IVIG treatment proactively as the benefits outweighed the side effects and they had eliminated all other possibilities. Her condition improved on Thursday and the KD signs appeared fully on Friday [Strawberry tongue, skin peeling].

She was discharged on 27-Aug-16, Saturday. Her first scan in 2 weeks showed some minor inflammation of artery but the next one after 2 months was normal. The Pediatric Cardiologist told us that she is fine as per protocols but he personally wanted to monitor her condition as long term effects of KD is still not fully known. We now have a follow up check after 6M and 12M.

So, per our experience, Carpet dust/ mites did trigger her KD. Not sure if a house without Carpets would have avoided this. We had never heard about KD before August. Not sure why our lil one had to to be the one :cry: . She suffered a lot during the 4 weeks and she visibly seems a lot more happier afterwards. May be she loves and appreciates being normal a lot now. 6 months have passed but we are still worried. She is losing a lot of hair in the last 2 months. Hope everything gets back to normalcy soon.

True to her name. She fought it out. Love you Veera!

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