Asian grandson, 4 years old possible atypical KD. Q!!

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Asian grandson, 4 years old possible atypical KD. Q!!

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My 4 yr old Filipino grandson has had 5 weeks of ear infections, sinus infection and strep then recovered. Last Tuesday he came down with yet another illness but this one rapidly became severe. He was admitted to Children's hospital on day 3 with extremely high white count, 105° fever, cracked chapped lips, swollen adenoids that made him speak funny, painful sore feet (no swelling). No one mentioned KD, they eventually said he had an adenovirus and said go home, it'll pass. Saturday I was babysitting him and he was so crabby and irritated. I took his temperature and it had spiked to 105.7. I called my son and daughter in law and they rushed him to ER. He got the run around saying "virus dad, don't worry" and sent home. His pediatrician sent grandson to an infectious diseases Dr on this Monday, she mentioned KD, took blood and said she'd call in the morning. Yesterday she reported his ESR was 50+ and CRP was 2.2. She ordered an echo for tomorrow (day 10!!) and I've worried myself sick that she was not in a hurry. My question is "is day 10 considered late diagnosis??". Thank you for any answers!!

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Re: Asian grandson, 4 years old possible atypical KD. Q!!

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The window to get the ivig treatment is typically by the tenth day of the high fever, so if the doctors think your grandson could have kd you should push for ivig immediately! I would think in most cases an echo is done before the ivig is administered though. Unfortunately a lot of cases of kd go misdiagnosed or undiagnosed completely. The key is trying to get the right diagnosis by the 10th day so hopefully they caught it just in time for your family. Even if ivig is not administered, kids can heal completely without any damage to their heart but the ivig lessens the chance of any heart complications. After the ivig they'll likely put him on an aspirin regimen for a few weeks with follow up cardiologist visits for further echocardiagrams to monitor any possible issues. Either way, having the echocardiagram is most critical so that's fantastic that's already in the works! Best of luck to your family!!

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