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Isabelle's aneurysms 14 months post-KD

Posted: Fri Apr 11, 2014 2:56 am
by Gullit
Out story begun in Feb 2013, 3 days after vaccination ( at the age of just 8 weeks). Isabelle got very very sick with a high fever. We went to a hospital 3 days later as she was getting worse. Her case was atypical therefore she was diagnosed on the 14 day after echo showed that aneuryms were already forming ( RCA 4,5 mm , LAD 4 mm). Treatment worked perfectly for her, aneurysms were stable for the next month then suddently grew in one wek ( RCA to 7,0 mm - it changed her aneurysms status to "giant" because her RCA size close to the heart at the time of diagnosis was just over 1 mm, LAD 5,1 mm). Our local hospital left her with aspirin olny, and sent us to National Childreen Health Centre 3 weeks later(End of March). They did angiogram and realized that the clots had developed already. They weren't able to get rid of them, they said that she might even die.
She was discharged after 5 weeks on Warfin (coumadin in the USA) still with the same clots. Our next visit in Nat. Centre was at the end of July and showed that the her aneurysms finally started to get smaller, but clots were still visible (although much smaller) I wonder if they are gone now.... Then we had some problems with her INR level (our target was 2.5-3 and it was mainly about 2). Since July we had only appointments in our local hospital, regression continued till 11 months post KD, and it looks that it stopped (LCA 2,8 mm, LAD 2,1 with irregular wall, RCA dilated to 3,3 mm). I'm losing hope that LAD can smooth out but still have hope that RCA dilation will get smaller. My quesion to U all is: Is there still a posibility for artery to smmoth out after such a long time ( LAD aneurysm was gone already in Sept 2013), and did Your childreen's arteries sizes were different on angiography than echocardiograms ? Isabelle's echocardiograms always showed between 6,9 and 7 mm and angiography showed 6 mm.

Re: Isabelle's aneurysms 14 months post-KD

Posted: Tue May 03, 2016 11:49 am
by tatodelblanco
Hello, How is Isabelle doing? My son has 3 aneurism, it all started Feb 26 2016. He has had echos every week (since one is giant and one large) and a CTA, to answer your question the measurments seem smaller on the CTA Scan than the echos. How is Isabelle doing now after two years of your post? Best of luck.

Re: Isabelle's aneurysms 14 months post-KD

Posted: Fri Jul 15, 2016 2:41 pm
by Gullit
Hi! Thanks for reply! Isabelle is doing ok, we've been very lucky so far! We're just after a CT Scan, but the due to artefacts - view was not clear to the doctors, and unfortunately, we will have to repeat it. Out last echo in our National Centre showed, that her arteries are still remodelling (LAD finally started to get smoother). RCA is still dilated, but was poorly visible on CT scan (hopefully it's only a dilation of 3,5 mm without any stenosis - down from 7mm). How big were Your Son's aneurysms at their biggest?? What was his age at the time of diagnosis? Are they starting to shrink? Isabelle's aneurysms started to shrink in May - June (also diagnosed in Feb). Please, reply. All the best to Your son, I hope that He is doing well!! I've read everything on the internet, kept in touch with many doctors and parents and i know that every case is different, but first 6-18 months after the acute stage are crucial...