Concerned Dad needs Help/Advice

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Concerned Dad needs Help/Advice

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My son was diagnosed with Kawasaki in June of this year. He will be One in August. We went through the typical process of not knowing what exactly is happening, Very scary. He was treated and has had his first echo. My boy Robbie is doing well.

My heart goes out to all in this situation, We were told its a virus and sent home twice before he was admitted. We had to push the issue. We were made to feel as if we were overreacting.

I got interested to understand how he caught KD and found this forum. This is the only place where I have read that Mold or Carpet cleaners could be the thing to bring on KD. In this thread it states that Industrial mold cleaners could be related ... ld#p13297

We recently moved from Houston tx to Des Moines Ia, Iowa houses usually have basements. It has come to my attention from my neighbor that the house was left unattended for a long time. My neighbor had found the basement flooded reported it.and then left unattended for 2 years after water was cut off by the city. The new buyer renovated it and rented to us.

Obviously, industrial mold cleaners were used. It is mostly a storage area for us but my sons have been down there. There is currently some mold but
no musky mold smell. I feel responsible now that I know it might have been prevented.

Once we found out this information my wife dropped everything and went back to Houston. I read on here that its rare but KD could come back.
Are we overreacting?

Does anyone have any advice or Information on Industrial cleaners/mold causing KD. Is there any scientific research?
How safe is it for my son to be in this house?

Any information would be helpful. Thanks.

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Re: Concerned Dad needs Help/Advice

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It is normal parental behavior to look for anything we might have done to cause our child's illness :)

However, please don't blame yourself for your child developing KD !

The best KD researchers discarded the "carpet" theory of KD years ago. It was all based on one study in The Lancet way back in 1981 that was never able to replicated.


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