4 and a half years later KD is back, we live in a third wold country

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4 and a half years later KD is back, we live in a third wold country

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I never thought I would be back posting on this site again, but my son is now 6 and has had an other bout with still undiagnosed KD.
I post 4 and a half years ago about the first time my son got sick while living overseas
5 weeks ago he had a fever that would not respond to tylenol, a couple of days later a rash appeared, red glassy looking eyes, red tongue, huge amounts of green nasal discharge, what looked like a diaper rash on his genitalia that was causing him pain, and he had skin peeling in that area within a few days. He had all the usual sick kid symptoms, irritable, no appetite, lethargic.

It took me a few of days before I realized he was exhibiting the same signs and symptoms of the first episode 4 and a half years ago. The fever only lasted 3 days, the rash 2, and he improved rapidly except for the large amounts of mucus. The palm of his hands and the soles of his feet got slightly red and swollen, he was sick but not nearly as sick as the first episode Then within the week he developed a red swollen finger with crusty yellow discharge around the nail bed, painful to touch. I applied a triple antibiotic cream for a few days with no improvement.

Last week I decided to return to the doctor we went to with the first episode because the finger and nasal discharge were not improving and I believed that the ongoing problems were associated with his being ill. I also know that the doctor I see here in the small Mayan village we live in will have to treat him for as we live in Guatemala. Before I went to see the doc, I sent him an outline of what had occurred the first time he treated my son, and described the latest episode, but I think when we went to see him he was still looking for something less exotic/rare than KD. He suspected a staph or strep infection, he prescribed a week of amoxicilin and some stronger antibiotic cream for the finger. We started the oral meds and my son nasal discharge improved, 10 days of using the topical cream has improved his finger but it is still not healed, still red and slightly swollen, no crusty yellow discharge around the nail bed, but better that it was. He also did a blood test.

Last night at bed time my son said his big toe hurt, when I looked I could see that his toe nail was slightly discolored, grayish and the pad of the two was red and inflamed. I was able to get into the doctor this morning and he does not believe it is an infection having just completed a week of antibiotics. Today for the first time the doctor used the word vasculitis without defining further and is referring us to a pediatrician in the capital city. He also said there was possible strep in the results of the test.

Has anyone else had complications after the initial signs and symptoms have disappeared, such as I have described involving fingers or toes?

I am returning to the US in a couple of weeks and would like to know if there is any health care providers that I should contact that are specialists regarding KD in the Seattle area. I want to write to them in advance to see if they can see my son.

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