Please help elevated SEDRATE

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Please help elevated SEDRATE

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My daughter is 23 months old and began having a fever ranging from 103-104 for the past 8 days. The fever has not been well controlled by ibuprofen and tylenol. She has also developed very swollen gums and mouth ulcers, a strawberry tongue, red around her lips and swollen red feet and toes with minor peeling

She has been to the ER 4 times now, each time with a high fever and same symtoms (minus the strawberry tongue and feet condition which started yesterday) each time it's a new PA and they diagnose something different like tonsillitis, viral respiratory infection, gingivitis and I ask them to explain why they chose that diagnosis and they have no basis and say well it doesn't present in the normal way but it may be this. I'm sure she will be better soon.

Fast forward to today (day 8 ) her SEDRATE is 44, so over twice the normal amount and the doctors have started to throw around the idea of kawasakis but say let's wait and see and run blood tests again later to see if the SEDRATE increases again.

I'm so worried please help

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