Post IVIG Effects

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Post IVIG Effects

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Looking for some help....

Our 11 mo was diagnosed with KD on Day 6 of the fever and other symptoms and got the IVIG that day. Her symptoms subsided and she seemed to heal well. During the day she is more or less happy but not officially 100%. At night she wakes up whining in her crib and sometimes crying. She doesn’t talk yet so can’t tell us what’s wrong. Not sure if it’s pain so don’t want to just pump her with Tylenol for no reason. Wonder if any other parents have this type of experience? How long did it go on if so?

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Re: Post IVIG Effects

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It's very hard for little ones who can't talk :)

The hospital experience and feeling so sick is very unsettling for all children.

She is probably a bit scared at night...have you tried co-sleeping to reassure her ?
Even my son who was 7yrs old when he had KD returned to our bed for a month while recuperating :)

It takes about 8 weeks for kids to return to their normal selves...and another month for their worried
parents to feel better !


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Re: Post IVIG Effects

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Is a rash after treatment normal ? Just on a few places of the body ?

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