My son 2nd echo is abnormal

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My son 2nd echo is abnormal

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Hi, my son was diagnosed with KD 3 days into up/down fever, as all the symptoms pointing to KD shows up. He was immediately admitted and treated with IVIG and discharged 3 days later with no fever. 1 week ago he had an echo scan on his heart and all the range was perfect with no swelling. But yesterday echo, a follow up 1 week later from the 1st echo, it shows a very slight inflammed on his LEFT MAIN at 21mm (doc says out of range by 1mm and told me not to panic as its slightly only) but as a parent, this 1mm is causing me a lot of anxiety.

Am i over worried or is this normal? As the first echo turns out to be fine but the 2nd shows slightly larger.

Kindly advised

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Re: My son 2nd echo is abnormal

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Hope your son is doing better. I advice if you have any questions or aneuresims change, to make sure your baby gets checked by a pediatric cardiologist with KD experience.

Best of luck

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