Other inflammatory issues and Kawasaki

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Other inflammatory issues and Kawasaki

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Have any of you (or your children) with KD had other inflammatory issues?

am wondering if my son’s odd health history could all be linked. He is otherwise healthy but he had had elevated liver enzymes as an infant from 2-10 months for no known reason. At age 2 he was diagnosed with cerebellitis (sudden limp and stuttering for no reason that resolved in 2 weeks). And then at age 3.5 he got Kawasaki disease. I wonder if all of these rare inflammatory issues in one child are linked. Thoughts?

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Re: Other inflammatory issues and Kawasaki

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Our son is now 7 years old.
He had KD in January of this year (2018). It was unfortunately missed. He did NOT receive IVIG, but he has had 2 Echos as would have been even had he been treated. To date they were normal.
About one month to 8 weeks, our son developed a new rash of little red spots that got larger. We were seen by a combination of doctors and they took biopsies of the spots and they were diagnosed as HSP. It is an autoimmune disease. His joints swelled and ached. Eventually the spots went away after a couple of weeks and the swelling subsided in just a few days. The HSP is a form of vasculitis.
We have no idea how he got that or why.
We are now 4 months post KD and HSP but just today his palms of his hands are peeling again.
We have no idea what this is. We went to doctor and got blood work. Blood work all looked good.
I am believing that somehow this is all related.

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