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Going back to school

Posted: Wed Mar 07, 2018 3:04 pm
by Indierose14
My daughter was diagnosed with KD a week ago, although it was it was 15 days after her symptoms had started. She had a highfever for 10 days along with many other symptoms of KD (was unaware this disease existed until last week) when she was ill I was told, tonsillitis, chest infection cold virus and flu. Anyway took her to the docs as her fingers we peeling the skin and from their were assessed at our children’s ward and admitted for 4 days whilst she recovers treatment. Her echo showed inflamed arteries.

We are now post KD 3 1/2 weeks and 1 week past treatment and now on low dose of aspirin once a day.

She’s perfect in herself, playing, chopsing me lol becantibher ususal self :) sonis she fine to go back to school? What if she catches sonthing so soon? It’s so scary, and I know there is slap cheek going around the school at the moment. She’s 4 by the way.

Any advice would be appreciated.