What can I expect from aneurysma?

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What can I expect from aneurysma?

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I'm from Switzerland, so please excuse my faults in English.

My 7 year old son was diagnosed KD. He began to get fever January, 7th. He got IVIG twice and ASS and Spiricort. On January 17th he had a echo and they found out he has one aneurysm of 6mm and a coronary artery of 6-8mm, which is not a typical aneurysm.

As the echo till today showed that there are no changes, I am wondering, what I should/could expect.

1) do the aneurysm dissapear? do the coronary artery go back to normal size?
2) if yes, how long does this usualy take?
3) if not, what happens than?
4) the cardiologist wants to make an angiographie after 3-6 months. does anyone had that too?
5) my son can't do any sports, can not run or carry heavy Things. what will happen, if the aneurysm doesn't dissapear? will this last longlive?

thank you for your answers in advance!

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Re: What can I expect from aneurysma?

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Hello Monika,

My son developed three aneurism, two large and one giant. After 6 months with very frequent ultrasounds and CT scans they have gotten much better, he has a regular sporty life (he fell from his bike today and nothing happened) he takes aspirin daily and we are going back to a 6 month check in July.

I hooe this helps,



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