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12 year old daughter

Posted: Mon Feb 20, 2017 12:35 pm
by Daughter12
We were just diagnosed with KD 4 weeks ago for our 12 year old daughter. She was in the hospital for 2+ weeks getting treatment as her heart was failing. She is home now and seems to be doinff better but her skin is still really pale looking some days it gets more color but all in all pale. We are on beta blockers and aspirin and medicine for medicine to coat her stomach.
I can't seem to find if and how long this is all supposed to last. We continue to take her to the doctors and she has a cardiologist appointment soon. I am just wondering if anyone had a child that was older and their skin looked pale for a long time. We are now on week 6 since my daughter first started complaining of her neck hurting which turned into swollen lymph node and then other attempts appeared each day after.
The doctors want her out of school for at least another 4 weeks to get her immune system
Healthier before going back. Thanks for any help.
Also I checked this disease out and sounds a lot like other dieseases that stem from strep throat. I am just curious if anyone else out there has a child that was diagnosed later in life as my daughter and their child had their tonsils removed early in life due to strep throat.