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Continued low-grade fevers after Kawasaki

Posted: Sun Jul 24, 2016 4:51 am
by Oceansideview
My daughter was treated with Atypical KD on day 12,
2nd dose of IVIG on day 14,
Echo was normal day 15 and sent home with aspirin therapy and ranitidine for stomach side effects,
5 day course of steroids after fever returned on day 16,
Follow up EKG normal on day 20, also switched stomach meds to prilosec,
Steroids finished day 21,
Low grade fevers (99.1-99.9f) started back day 22,
Bloodwork and checkup day 23 saw levels progressing and returning to normal-though not quite normal yet, we were advised to come back if temps reached 100.3f or higher, or if new symptoms appeared

We are now on day 32, still getting the low grade fevers (99.1-99.9), no new symptoms

Has anyone else had continued low grade fevers after KD? What did your drs advise? I'm at a loss because I was under the impression that fevers couldn't last this long?