Newly sore joints, swollen nodes 13 yrs after KD

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Newly sore joints, swollen nodes 13 yrs after KD

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My son had KD at 15 months in 2002 treated by Dr. Burns. In Sept 2015, at age 14, he had a sore throat, high fever for 8 days, full-body rash, swollen hands. KD was considered and dismissed because CRP was not high enough. This case was later reviewed by Dr. Burns, she concurred.

In the next few weeks his hands and feet began peeling which lasted a month. His joints also began to hurt. At first, the pain was dull and migratory over all joints in his body. This pain increased, and became constant in one hip and knee. The pain increased until he was unable to bear weight on that leg. He also had increasing fatigue, Now sleeping 16 hours/day. He is also forgetful and has foggy thinking. Lymph nodes in the neck have been swollen over the past 4 months. He has been on 4 different antibiotics during this time.

All testing has been normal including brain, hip, knee MRIs, EEG and blood tests. The only positive tests has been staph in his throat twice. He's seen specialists in infectious disease, rheumatology, cardiology, KD, neurology, psychiatry, allergy/immunology, pain management .

He's been dignosed with fibromyalgia by rheumatology but other doctors disagree with this diagnosis. Any experience with similar symptoms?

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