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Cardiology questions

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Hi. My 7yo was diagnosed with KD a week ago. He was at a smallish hospital. They did an echo and faxed results to a pediatric cardiologist at a children's hospital to look over. We were told that everything looked fine except two arteries they "couldn't get a report on." We were told to get another echo done in two weeks. Today, I made an appt with a pediatric cardiologist, but it will end up being 3 wks after his first one because they couldn't get him in any sooner. Our new pediatrician says that'll be fine.

Then I found out that this doc doesn't perform/administer the echo himself (they don't even do them in their office), but I guess just interprets the results. Is that typical? My daughter had one once and the doc actually did it himself. Just wondering if it is important that the person doing the test has experience with children. (Like could it be the reason they couldn't get a report on two arteries was a lack of experience giving echoes to children?)

He's also a pediatric cardio in a cardiology group practice, not in a children's hospital, so I don't know how much (if any) experience he has with KD. But I'm also not sure if it matters, since...I guess aneurysms are aneurysms no matter what caused them? My ex feels that seeing this guy is fine, and if something shows up, *then* we can go somewhere else. I'm not sure I agree, but the referral specialist for the pediatrician said at this point it would take a lot longer than 3wks to get him referral to/appt at a children's hospital. Does speediness seem more important than expertise at this point?

Also wondering if there's any tests besides echocardiogram that he is supposed to get?

Thanks for any insight.

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