Mission Statement & Forum Details

General discussion regarding Kawasaki disease
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Mission Statement & Forum Details

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Our mission is to provide an open forum for everyone to freely discuss Kawasaki disease and related matters.

Who runs this forum?

The forum is owned and operated by Joe Farrell, a dad who's son had KD at 3 months old. (You can read the story here.) I do this on my own time and at my own expense.

We have a few kind volunteers who also help moderate the forum. They too do this on our own time and at their own expense. Thank you all!


This is an open forum and all are welcome. Any discussion is welcome provided that it is not derogatory towards others.

Medical advice

If you have an urgent concern, GO TO A HOSPITAL / EMERGENCY ROOM IMMEDIATELY. If you need medical advice, talk to your doctor.

Nothing on this forum should be taken as medical advice. We do have several users who are KD experts, medical professionals, and others with much expertise; HOWEVER, this is an OPEN and PUBLIC forum where anyone can say anything. It is up to you to seek proper medical advice from your doctor.

There is a lot of good information on this forum, and like any other public discussion, there is also bad information. Good, healthy debate is welcome. If you see something inaccurate, I would absolutely encourage you to post a reply to correct it.

This forum nor its owner do not support anything stated anywhere.

Advertisers on Forum

There are costs associated with hosting this forum. All Day Medical pays us to display a one-line text advertisement on the bottom of our home page. Their advertisement helps offset some of our costs.