Symptoms of Kawasaki Disease

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Symptoms of Kawasaki Disease

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Borrowed from the KD Foundation,

Kawasaki Disease is characterized by an inflammation of the blood vessels throughout the body. There is no specific test for KD; doctors make a clinical diagnosis based on a collection of symptoms and physical findings. Early symptoms of KD include:

* Fever that lasts for five or more days
* Rash, often worse in the groin area
* Red bloodshot eyes, without drainage or crusting
* Bright red, swollen, cracked lips, “strawberry” tongue, which appears with shiny bright red spots after the top coating sloughs off
* Swollen hands and feet and redness of the palms and soles of the feet
* Swollen lymph nodes in the neck

Understandably, children with these symptoms are extremely uncomfortable and irritable. Any parent whose child has persistent fever and any of these symptoms should take him or her to the doctor immediately.