Kawasaki disease Aorta?

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Kawasaki disease Aorta?

Post by Lucy » Thu May 22, 2014 3:01 pm

Hi my five month old baby girl has Kawasaki disease and it is still active 3 months on but being suppressed with steroids, infliximab, mycophenolate and asprin. She had 3 doses of IVIG too.

Has anyone else had the inflammatory continue on like this? How long did it last?

Also she has a lot of aneurysms her coronary ones are 9 and 6 mm ATM. She also has aneurysms on her aorta and the arteries in her legs...does anyone have experience of Kawasaki causing aneurysms in these large vessels? What was the outcome?

Her presentation us classed as atypical cayuse her hands and feet have not peeled and no strawberry tongue.

I do not understand if this is kawasaki why has it not stopped by now and why is it affecting vessels other than medium ones? Looking for anyone with a similar story, we are so worried.

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