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Mycoplasma Infections and Kawasaki Disease

Posted: Sun Sep 30, 2012 10:58 am
by moitza
Lately I stumbled upon Mycoplasma infections again. I looked it up also in Forums on this Website, it only came up 3 times. Bremen has written about it. my son is three years post KD, doing generally well. Nevertheless, there have been certain issues which have in my opinion not been covered adequately. As it seems many of you experience the same. Abdominal pain and occasional joint pain. By saying not adequately I mean we have no answers or cures. In our immediate surrounding there appeared a couple of Mycoplasma infections over past several months, ranging widely as far as symptoms. A woman developed a chronic fatigue syndrome afterwards, whereas other family members experienced only 'walking pneumonia' with seemingly no long term problems. She reported of some other patients she learned to know through her illness. Once again, only those with worst outcome (Guillaume-Barre Syndrome for example) stay connected and talk about it. After talking to her today, i got curious again and googled it up. There are quite a few medical articles popping up, dated recently, connecting Mycoplasma and Kawasaki. I will do my research to my best. I plan talk to a couple of doctors about the possibility of chronic Mycoplasma infection. I'd be very happy if I can get a couple more of you interested on the topic. Momcat? Award? Bremen again?... Would you share some of your thoughts?