Children's Hospital Christmas Charity

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Children's Hospital Christmas Charity

Post by Rain » Tue Dec 12, 2006 10:58 am

Since 2003 the authors of the webcomic PENNY ARCADE ( have hosted a charity to raise money for Children's Hospitals around the world. The charity, CHILD'S PLAY ( has raised over $1 million dollars in toys and cash since it started, so far this year it has raised over $495,000 alone, with 3 weeks of the fundraiser to go. The authors take no cut from the donations what so ever, in fact, if you purchase items for a children's hospital from the wishlists, it goes DIRECTLY to them.

This charity was designed to give gamers a good name in the news, proving that video games don't generally make monsters out of kids, hehe.

Anyway, I figured since this is probably one of the leading places to contact people who have had a run in with a Children's hospital, and everyone here would know how horrible it can be for kids to be hospitalized. Even though it was 21 years ago that I was in the hospital with KD I can remember my favorite part would be when the cart with the tv and video games came into my room. Also the play room was awesome, though I only got to go once and I didn't really feel like playing because I was so sick :P

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