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33 yrs old and a survivor

Posted: Tue Jan 09, 2018 4:14 pm
by Sbatiste84
My name is Steve. Wen I was 9 months old I was diagnosed with KD being one of the first cases in US history. I'm from WI and wen I was 18 months old me and my family went on a trip to Florida. My dad was on the freeway wen my mom looked in the back seat to check on me and saw that my lips were blue. My dad sped to the hospital where my heart had stopped. I don't remember a thing cause I was so young but I had 3 cornary anerysms and one erupted and caused a mass of heart attack. To make the long story short I was brought back to life by a great team of doctors and since then I had 4x bypass surgery in 2007 n had several stent placements in 03. Happy to have shared with u all