Ryan's Story

Personal stories of individuals and families affected by Kawasaki disease
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Ryan's Story

Post by kierankemo » Tue Oct 21, 2014 4:20 pm

Hi guys, I'd like to share our son Ryan's journey with KD. Ryan was diagnosed with KD at 14 weeks old. We were very concerned with his temperature spike and we had him checked by his doctor 3 times in the one week. On the third occasion the doctor stated that it was fever, and that we were being over protective parents. We dismissed his ignorance and took our son to Hospital demanding that he be checked. He was diagnosed with KD on Day 14. He was immediately put on an IVIG drip and we seen a remarkable change instantly. Unfortunately Ryan has been left with 3 aneurysms on his left Ventricle and takes aspirin daily. But we understand that it would've been a lot worse had we not taken measures into our own hands. Ryan also started taking seizures at 11 years old, and has also been diagnosed this year with Aspergers Syndrome. His seizures are very rare and only happen once every 7 months. They all have happened in the morning, and unfortunately Ryan cannot tell when they happen. Just yesterday he required 4 staples in the back of his head, were he had banged it after a seizure. Now at 15 years old we look back and think, was his KD a major factor in the other diagnosis he's received? And I wondered if any other parents can share similar post diagnosis from their KD children.

Thanks for your time

Ryan's Dad

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