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Anyone else with KD also diagnosed with ADHD??

Posted: Wed Feb 12, 2014 8:23 am
by Happywho
Hi everyone,
I'm new to the forum so here is some background. My 7yo son was diagnosed with KD at 4yo, he saw 5 drs in 9days and it was myself who eventually (Thankyou google!) diagnosed what he had so we returned to our local hospital who finally diagnosed it, because he was not diagnosed until day 11 he was not given any IVIG (dr said basically that at day 11 - the damage was already done so it wasn't worth the IVIG treatment). He was given an echocardiogram which came back clear at the time and put on aspirin for a few weeks but apart from that He has NEVER been given any kind of follow up appointment or heart checks??? Every since he had the KD he has not been the same behaviourally - it's like his body went into hyperdrive and never came back down, he was extremely irritable, emotional, angry, lacking in self control etc etc and he has stayed this way for the last 3 years. He has now been diagnosed with ADHD and they want to put him on amphetamine based medication but I'm worried about the possible effect on his heart given they have never bothered to re check him??? Does anyone else have any experience or advice regarding KD and ADHD or medications or follow ups even if at original diagnoses the heart was clear?? Any help or advice is much appreciated :) side note in the last 2 years we have tried MANY natural or alternative diets/therapies/medicines to try and settle his behaviour - none which have helped long term.

Re: Anyone else with KD also diagnosed with ADHD??

Posted: Sun Jul 13, 2014 5:24 pm
by JPNorth66
Hello HappyWho. My daughter was diagnosed with KD when she was just over 2 yrs old. At the time in 2005, there were 7 symptoms to look at and she had five of them. Reluctantly, CHaD at DHMC in Hanover NH treated her with the IVIG. After 36 hours she was feeling better so we were released. Upon arriving home, her vomiting returned as did her fever so we turned right around and went back to CHaD, where she was readmitted and a second dose of IVIG was administered.

She is now almost eleven and was diagnosed last fall with ADHD. I have heard, nor seen nothing that would correlate the two as being connected in any way. You raise an interesting point so I will begin to do some research on my end about it.

As a side note, we have had our daughter on Native Remedies Bright Spark and Focus Formula for over three years with amazing results. You can fine Native Remedies online easily. We also eliminated Gluten and Casein out of the diet, combined with NR items, we have seen a significant change in behavior and are glad. She even notices the change.

For what it is worth...

Re: Anyone else with KD also diagnosed with ADHD??

Posted: Sat Jul 09, 2016 7:30 pm
by Ilana.shero
Yes. Im 37, almost didn't survive as an infant, but have lived with ADHD (now all catagorized under ADD) since I was 7, medicated on and off since age 8. I'm a female and i live with adult ADD (ADHD) and still have to take medication to be able to parent my children save keep a job. No one in my family prior to me was known to have anything even related. My exceptionally normal, all american family still struggle with it. I used to but have accepted it and love myself. My dad blames himself and thinks its related to the shots he received in the military as they were extra doses of things and concentrated. My husband was also in the military and our daughter had a more rare auto immune disease called Transverse Myalitis. She prob got the gene from me and my dad just needs some kinds of answer.