Diet to control symptons Post-KD?

Personal stories of individuals and families affected by Kawasaki disease
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Diet to control symptons Post-KD?

Post by svallieu » Fri Jun 07, 2013 4:24 pm

Hello all!

New to the KD forum, and posting for my nephew, who is 11. He was diagnosed with KD at age three, with all of the classic symptoms. Spent two weeks in the hospital, had two follow up EKGs at six months post KD and 18 months post KD. He is doing well, as far as "official" KD goes, and was told at the second EKG there was no need for further follow up.

The problem is, he is still having issues. He has joint paint, sometime severe enough to affect how he walks and runs. This has been going on since KD, sometimes not bad at all, sometimes pretty bad. He is now getting into sports, and this is becoming more of an issue. He in the past year has complained of blurred vision that comes and goes. He often has an upset stomach, again this is something long term, WAY more often than his siblings or cousins, so probably not a "bug" going around. After reading the forum post of the person documenting post KD symptom, I of course wonder if his issues are related to his bout with KD. With summer coming up, his mom is going to get him into an eye doctor for that part of it, but my question is this: For parents of KD kids, or KD kids all grown up, have you had any success easing symptoms with diet and/or exercise? For example, there is a diet plan out there for arthritis sufferers, that is high in food that reduce inflammation. Has anyone tried that with any success? Or anything else. I did see someone speaking of the merits of low carbs, and will do further research on that and I have passed that on to his family, but that is a route that may be difficult. His family is multi-cultural (Cambodian/Chinese/Native American/White) and rice and veggies, as well as fermented foods (soy and soy sauce, fish sauces and the like) are part of his home culture. They are, of course, willing to make modifications if there is evidence that changing everyone's eating habits will have an affect.

Has anyone used the joint supplements (or any other supplements, perhaps anti oxidant) with any change in symptoms? Does daily anti-inflamatory OTC make a difference, and if so, do larger and larger doses over time become necessary to provide the same relief?

I appreciate any and all responses regarding your personal experience.

Best regards,


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Re: Diet to control symptons Post-KD?

Post by CarinaSea » Wed Mar 19, 2014 11:17 am

I'm looking into a low carb, keto-adapted diet for my daughter because of her post KD issues... And myself because it's healthy. I Also try to incorporate fermented foods/drinks in our diet. We take daily home made elderberry syrup, chewable colostrum and probiotics. My email address is carinasea at gmail dot com if you want to ask about it, though I'm new at this too!

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