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Not the typical type of Kd case

Posted: Sun Jun 10, 2018 9:10 am
by MJ jickain
My 2yrs old son was diagnose Kawasaki last may 18,2018 and were currently still in the hospital. He was on the 9th day of his Kawasaki when he was admitted to the hospital, all of his body swollen and in great pain, his oxygen drop down quickly. Soche was given ivig 5g gamma globin 5vials. The following day his better but not as we expected, his fever is still not gone and then the next his eyes turns red and his knees start to swollen again. His lab test are not good The doctors decided to give him red blood cell transfusion, it all seems work well for my baby, he did improve a lot!but still his fever and red eyes still occurs and his swollen lymph node starting to show up again. Few days past by, as they are convince kawasaki disease and not other infectious disease his doctors decided to give him another set of ivig 5g gamma globin 5vials. It didn't turn out well, while the ivig was given his fever didn't go down and instead it's getting higher 'c than before he had his 1st set of ivig. Then the doctors diagnose him to be resistant type, since then his swollen lymph nodes in his left ear begins to get even bigger that occupies half of his neck and his arthiris is dillated as shown on his 2d echo result and has pnuemonia from his xray lab test. Aside from the highiest dosage of antibiotics given to him his fever, red eyes and swollen lymph nodes still getting worst. The doctors then decide to give him hi dose of steroids as their last step in curing Kawasaki resistant type patient. My baby responded from the steroids IV, for 3days of steroids he is improving day by day. After 2days, his neck lymph nodes came back and it's getting bigger very fast. It almost cover his whole neck but luckily he didn't have fever and red eyes anymore. All his specialist Doctors are in brain storming on how to kill the virus because they said my son's case is unique from any other typical Kawasaki disease, I hope someone could help me on battling this disease. My baby is still in great pain because of his swollen neck and his air passage is at risk. If anyone had the same Kawasaki disease case as my son please message me my son badly needed your help on how to cure this type of Kd he has.

Re: Not the typical type of Kd case

Posted: Sat Jun 16, 2018 8:52 am
by dtango90
How are things? Your situation is really distressing. Hoping for the best for your son.

Re: Not the typical type of Kd case

Posted: Wed Jun 20, 2018 11:21 pm
by tatodelblanco
Have you tried reaching Dr Newburger in Boston or the team in San Diego at the childrens hospital? I hope your baby is doing better.

Best of luck,