classic KD signs resolving day 8 on own?

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classic KD signs resolving day 8 on own?

Post by krysten513 » Tue Feb 21, 2017 6:08 am

My son presented with rash and fever for 3 days, day 4 he had eye involvement and strawberry tongue. Primary Dr sent us to emergency room, they admitted us, all assuming KD. Noted rash concentrate in groin. He has a blood/vascular formation disorder (hht, osler weber rendu) so they were really hesitant and trying to figure out about the Aspirin regiment, while ruling out many other viruses etc all came back negative, adenovirus too. He was supported by IV fluids. Fevers were cyclic, very high in afternoon and overnight until Early am dropped off to lowgrade, he'd eat, be OK few hours then climb back up. Echo done day 5/6 was normal. Day 8 rash has faded and temps decreased to currently normal. Only reason they didn't immediately give ivig and aspirin was his vascular disorder which could lead to bleeding in lung or liver. His wbc were low vs high . So now they're sending us home but the fact he met all criteria for 6,7 days worries me I am going to freak out about cardiac effects since he wasn't treated as KD.
Would the fever and rash fade on own at day 8? Tongue and eyes are seem OK today. It's maddening, we've been going back and forth for 4 days on treatment and tests and now they're like see it's fine, despite it being a 4 to 2 drs saying treat it as KD, 4 yes 2 no.

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Re: classic KD signs resolving day 8 on own?

Post by theresak » Wed Mar 15, 2017 1:55 pm

Yes they symptoms do resolve on their own, don't they? That is one of the characteristics of Kawasaki and does not mean no heart involvement. By day 7 my son had no fever—before treatment—and his rash had faded. I think he still had conjunctivitis but can't remember. They still gave IVIG and aspirin and he had to see cardiologist every half-year for several years. I think you should insist on a check of his heart.

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