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questions about follow up echo

Posted: Tue Nov 22, 2016 12:29 pm
by Bckd4646
Hi everyone.. I am new here.. my daughter was diagnosed with KD last Sunday, and she was discharged from the hospital Thursday. We believe she was on day five of fever when she got ivig. (I noticed fever Wednesday night, dr on Friday said ear infection, went to er Sunday after her eyes turned red and I googled and learned about kd.. finally got ivig Monday night after echo Monday) She had one repeat fever the next day but no repeat ivig and no fevers ever since.
Anyway, they said that her echo was negative- no dilation or anything, but that it can show up later.
Her follow up instructions state to see the cardiologist within one week, but the hospital staff scheduled our appointment for December 9th (like 3 weeks). Is it okay to wait this long for a follow up echo???? Also, how common is it for echo to be negative at first (day 5) and develop changes later on after treatment?
Thank you!