Is the diagnosis important without cardiac complications?

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Is the diagnosis important without cardiac complications?

Post by Lilysmom » Tue Jan 06, 2015 7:23 am

Hi, all. As I posted previously, my 2 year old daughter likely had incomplete Kawasaki, starting three weeks ago. We were inpatient at the children's hospital but eventually released with the diagnosis of a virus (though she tested negative for everything that frequently mimics KD). I emailed a KD expert with photos and a timeline of Lily's symptoms and she responded the Lily would have been treated for KD at their hospital and that we needed to get her an echo. Our PCP agreed and fortunately Lily's echo was negative last week. We have a repeat echo in 4 weeks but as of right now Lily's hasn't been diagnosed with KD. The cardiologist and our PCP strongly suspect it, Lily's finger and toes are now peeling and she's exhibiting some of the other second stage symptoms, but she hasn't been seen by Infectious Disease and no one else will make an official diagnosis.

My question is: if the 4 week echo is negative, meaning Lily is one of the lucky ones with no damage from the disease, does the diagnosis matter? Is it something that would affect her healthcare or choices later on? I don't want to put her through more doctor's visits and carry this out if not but I also don't want to let it go if it's something that should be on her record, even if the heart is healthy.

Any insight is appreciated!

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Re: Is the diagnosis important without cardiac complications

Post by Notto17 » Tue Jan 13, 2015 3:01 pm

It does sound like she has the symptoms, and without a test to actually confirm, is hard to know! Glad you are getting the echo and no concerns, I hope that continues. I'm sure your doctor or cardiologist can answer your questions regarding if she actually has KD! If she has no cardiac involvement, hard to know if issues will come up in future or not as well!

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