Questions about a late diagnoses, IVIG 10+, and flu shots.

General discussion regarding Kawasaki disease
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Questions about a late diagnoses, IVIG 10+, and flu shots.

Post by vertex » Sun Oct 19, 2014 8:24 pm

Hi all, first time poster on this site. I hope I can get some feedback concerning our ongoing experience. First, the narrative...

Our 2 year old son started with a fever on Friday 2 weeks ago. His other initial symptoms included a crazy red rash and conjunctivitis. We also noticed that he didn't want to walk or move without crying. When he did try to walk, it was gingerly.

We took him to his PCP, who gave us a script for an antibiotic, and also recommended Benadryl and acetaminophen. The acetaminophen would knock the fever back some, but it would reappear. Benadryl had no effect on the rash. Two days later, he ordered labs and a chest x-ray. X-ray was negative, the labs showed extra-high wbc count. He ordered a second antibiotic, as well as a steroid to help with the rash. The steroid seemed to help, as the rash went away.

We get through the following weekend. The fever hung around for almost a week, but finally went away, as did the rash. He still appeared sore and reluctant to move, which concerned us.

The steroid lasted until Sunday, as did the 2nd antibiotic (he was still on the first one). On Monday, the swelling started in his hands and his feet. We took him back to the PCP the next day. A second set of labs were ordered. Two days later, and the results showed that his wbc was still high. By Thursday (13 days later) he was admitted. Additional labs were drawn, along with a urine sample. Diagnoses came the following day (this past Friday, two weeks after the initial fever) The IVIG treatment started that night, along with the aspirin. EKG and Echo were also done on Friday, and everything looked good. He was also given his flu shot.

He was discharged yesterday, Orders include aspirin for a month, along with follow-up Echos.

Not the typical timeline. My guess is that the steroid helped to mask the swelling prior to last Monday, and possibly led to a delay in his diagnoses.

I've been binge-reading for the last few days about Kawasaki, and I have concerns about receiving his IVIG 14 days after the initial symptoms, with regard to treatment of lesions. Am I right to be concerned?

Also, this morning he woke up to a low-grade fever. We're not sure if this is the result of the flu shot. Should we be concerned about this as well?

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