Elevated CRP, ESR, EOS, WBC and Platelets after wk5

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Elevated CRP, ESR, EOS, WBC and Platelets after wk5

Post by indianparent » Mon Apr 28, 2014 7:13 pm

Hi all,

I am very tesnsed regarding my sons blood report which was taken after 5 weeks of ivig (2doses) and remicade(1 dose) of infusion.His case is a refractory kawasaki as
his fever did not get controlled even after 2 doses of ivig. Blood work were done everywk after the discharge. ( he was treated for ivig on day 6) and he did not have anuerysms, bu this left artery was dialated.
in the 1st labwork after the discharge the CRP was 12.5 , ESR 48 , Platelets 773 , WBC 26.7, EOS 26%
2nd lab work after a wk CRP 15 , ESR 48, Platelets 473, WBC 25.8, EOS - 35%

3rd labwork again after a wk CRP 26, ESR 48 , Platelets: 656 , WBC 24.7 and EOS 23%.

Please let me know if this is usual in recovery phase? he as feet and palm pain and not active like before. but better than how he was in hospital.
He still has swollen lymph node near his neck not very big less than 1.5 and not visible. Doctor has prescribed amoxciilin and asked us to get the blood work after that course.
Let me know if anyone has faced this with ur kids.

Any advise is much appreciated.

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