Any sort of trigger or event causing KD?

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Any sort of trigger or event causing KD?

Post by OwensMama » Sat Jul 28, 2012 7:20 pm

Ok so I know that a known cause hasn't surfaced for KD, but I am just curious if something strange happened before your child became sick that you have in the back of your mind that may have caused KD?

A couple things come to my mind ...

Owen would easily catch every virus at daycare. Had been sick every month for the 5 months before the KD diagnosis. Immune system sensitive?

The Thursday before he got sick, Owen was in a blanket in the grass at the soccer field where my other son was playing, touching the grass. I remember thinking the grass was the thickest, greenest grass I have ever seen -- especially with 105 deg temps this summer, major fertilizer action obviously. When we got home, baby Owen's face was covered in hives and his eyes, red and swollen. I bathed him immediately and the rash went away. No big deal I thought, allergic reaction. Two days later, his fever was 103, and the week of KD craziness began. Chemical exposure? Allergen?

I want so badly to know ...

Interested to know if there are any similar stories? Or Any sort of event that happened right before your child got sick with KD?


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