Are low-grade fevers normal in recovery

General discussion regarding Kawasaki disease
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Are low-grade fevers normal in recovery

Post by taneym » Thu Apr 28, 2011 7:22 am

My son had IVIG Sunday morning. Released from hospital Tuesday. He has been
getting a fever of about 101-101.9 every afternoon/evening since. Just once a day &
around the same time. When he gets the fever, his eyes get redder again. No return of the rash
anywhere else on his body. Has anyone else experienced this in their child's recovery? Is
this normal?
I called the hospital when he got the 1st one after we got home, they said to give him tylenol
and follow-up with pediatrician. The pediatrician said call the hospital if he gets another one and has it
for 6 hours. On the discharge papers it says do NOT give acetaminephen or ibuprofen when on aspirin.
We are so confused. Do we wait out the fever and see if it lasts 6 hours or just give tylenol, or is it
not good for him to have tylenol?????
PLEASE HELP?? Anyone experience any of this?

Thank you,

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Re: Are low-grade fevers normal in recovery

Post by liquidambar » Thu Apr 28, 2011 10:29 am

If you look up any news articles it is suggesting that acteminophen is not good for babies, it has been found at the very least to cause asthma. They have or at least did for a while, tell parents not to give it to babies.

Plus Kawasakis is an inflammatory disease , and asprin is an anti-inflamatory drug so it is the better drug and in my experience with my two kids that had Kawasaki's it works while tylenol did not work for mine. Some people on this web site says that tylenol did work just like it said for 6 hours. But for my kids it did not do the job.

Not only that but:I believe that Kawasaki's is linked to an acquired mitochondrial cytopathy (energy pathways within the mitrochondria that is within the cells are being disturbed). Emory clinic said so, for mine. And inflammatory disease are linked to the production or rather lack of production of energy.

Acteminophen is known as a mitrochondrial inhibitor, all the drugs that affect the liver are mitrochondrial inhibitors!

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Re: Are low-grade fevers normal in recovery

Post by Momcat » Thu Apr 28, 2011 8:53 pm

ABSOLUTELY Tylenol is fine for KD, but not Ibuprofen. At least not while on aspirin. Tylenol will make your child MUCH more comfortable. We had a child with very high fevers from KD for weeks and weeks, she was maxxed out on Tylenol for a long time. She was also on high dose aspirin--the aspirin DID NOT knock the fever down like Tylenol. The gallbladder especially was extremely painful for her and it also brought the fevers down from those severe 103-105 range to within better limits for her body. Aspirin can cause bleeds at very high levels......and gastric problems. Besides, it also anti-coagulates and I am sure your pediatricians are keeping an eye on that and have your child on the recommended dose of aspirin. PLEASE take the advice of doctors and check out information online before listening to advice of some parents who do not know the truth about WHY aspirin is given. It is NOT because of the inflammatory properties during KD, it is for ANTICOAGULATION only. Ask a specialist like Dr Burns of UCSD regarding this if you have to---she has long ago given her advice regarding this. You will find a few parents bent on their own lines of reasoning (mitochondrial disorder-NEVER mentioned in association with KD and if so it would be very rare), some theories are WAY out there, so be careful who you listen to regarding advice, especially in these acute stages of KD. If the fevers are 101 and above for extended time I would advise getting your child to a Children's Hospital as soon as possible. Your child may be IVIG resistant and they should be concerned if the fever is that high AFTER IVIG and especially for more than 24 hours. Please let us know how he is doing and what you find out. Make sure to push for your child and CALL the doctors and stay strong--you might have to be an advocate for your child when doctors are telling you not to worry---it happened to a lot of us. Better safe than sorry.

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Re: Are low-grade fevers normal in recovery

Post by Berdugovet » Fri Apr 29, 2011 9:21 pm

Be very cautious and proactive and do not wait. As long as fevers are present, inflammation is present. As long as inflammation is present, the heart is at risk for problems (as are other organs). My daughter was hospitalized for 3 weeks. She responded partially to 2 doses IVIG, 3 days hi dose steroids, and Remicaid. When she was discharged (on hi dose aspirin), she still had lo grade fevers. Even low grade fevers are significant. Dr. Burns suggested to our pdeiatricians to try Cyclosporine. Other drugs like Methotrexate are being used in these resistant cases. Good luck.

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Re: Are low-grade fevers normal in recovery

Post by Oceansideview » Sun Jul 24, 2016 2:53 pm

What ended up happening to your son and his low grade fevers? Was he eventually treated?

My daughter has Atypical, IVIG Resistant Kawasaki. She had 2 doses of IVIG and a 5 day course of steroids. After the steroids were through her temps started back again, but low grade. We were told she needed to reach 100.4 to come back, but she has been hovering around 99.9 for 10 days now, and now this morning her rash is starting to come back. This morning we spoke to a different dr oncall that has not been on her case, and they told us not to worry because her fevers were too low (aka not at 100.4), and they explained away her rash as well; however we know our case has not been typical, and when we spoke with our team of drs 9 days ago, they had us come in and re-ran her bloodwork and checked her physically when these low grade fevers first started back; and while mildly concerned, they said to call back immediately if her temps reached 100.4 OR if any symptoms started back (which they now have with the rash).

Has anyone else experienced something similar? I'm at a loss of what to do!

Any info would be greatly appreciated! -Jennie

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Re: Are low-grade fevers normal in recovery

Post by Nnzz » Thu Feb 09, 2017 6:56 pm

Could someone update what they do with low grade fever? My son had KD 10 days ago and first dose of IVIG reduced most of his fever but he is still around 100-100.5, is 2nd dose necessary? Would low fever go away without another IVIg?

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Re: Are low-grade fevers normal in recovery

Post by Nancy » Thu Feb 09, 2017 10:24 pm


Please contact your child's pediatric cardiologist for medical advice :)


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Re: Are low-grade fevers normal in recovery

Post by Carrie23 » Fri Feb 24, 2017 9:57 pm

My son is four weeks out and he is running a low grade fever almost every night (around 99.5). I don't know if this is normal or not but it is really scary.

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Re: Are low-grade fevers normal in recovery

Post by mcoss7 » Wed Dec 13, 2017 12:18 pm

Although I may not have any answers I wanted to add to this post because "I too worry about the low grade fevers" my son is now 14 days post KD and almost everyday has been running temps of 99-100, and it makes me wonder if the Doctors need to look closer at this for post KD patients.

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Re: Are low-grade fevers normal in recovery

Post by Nancy » Wed Dec 13, 2017 12:42 pm

docs don't consider 99-100 to be classified as "fever"


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