Normal life?

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Re: Normal life?

Post by Samsham » Mon Mar 06, 2017 12:56 am

angelsamongus wrote:*I was also advised not to have the MMR 'jab' 'injection' and to this date have not had the vaccination, something particular that the doctor advised, I assume specific to my case but he was sceptical about the combination injection and that it could cause a reaction...

my daughter just got the mmr vaccination one month to the day of her getting sick?????? im new here and
i know that kd is very scary and i honestly can't stop crying

blessings to you and your family[/quote]

I'm a new member and my one year old just suffered from KD after his 12 month MMR vaccination plus prescribed an antibiotic 1 week later for his throat infection. I think there'ssome strong link to KD and this combination :( anybody else who experienced this?

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